How it works


Lessons cost £16.50 per half hour, tailored to suit your needs. Your first three  sessions are on a pay-as-you-go basis. Fees thereafter are per school half term, payable in advance.


I teach acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar and bass for all levels of competence. I also teach mandolin and banjo for beginners, singing, songwriting and performance.

Face -to-face lessons prior to the Covid-19 crisis were held at the Music Spot in Lancaster. Video sessions are held via a variety of platforms (Skype, Facetime and Zoom).

For all ages

My current students range from ages 7 to 70 (but if you are 85 don’t let that stop you!)


The youngest learn to read music and may be studying for, and taking, exams. I only ask two things, that they practice and that they leave every lesson with a smile on their face.  I hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate. 

For adults, they may be more interested in relieving stress or just the opportunity to try something new. It can be like entering a room in the mind that has never been used. Time to stride inside that room, dust away those cobwebs and turn the light on!

With some of my oldest students the focus is often improving their memory and motor issues and, in some cases, delaying the onset of dementia.